About Us

About Otavi Wildlife Sanctuary


Visiting Otavi Wildlife Sanctuary is truly an experience for young and old. Animals that can be seen here include white/tawny lions, cheetahs, caracal, wild dogs, zebra, blesbuck, waterbuck, gemsbuck, wildebeest, springbuck, red hartebeest, giraffe, tame donkeys and more. We will soon welcome some wild dogs and servals.

Louis Pulzone is the new owner of Otavi Wildlife Sanctury since February 2015 and is driven by the love for the animals. Louis has great plans and a positive strategy for the future of the sanctuary, working together with the manager, Hester Pio and joint caretakers of the animals, Rezensk Labuschagne, Jeandre Bezuidenhout and Raymond Barrington.

Otavi Wildlife Sanctuary is open to the public.

Please ensure you phone us to book your guided wildlife tour or game drive.

We offer the following to our visitors

  • Game Drives
    Enjoy the scenery whilst viewing the different antelope/zebras etc (+-45 minutes)
  • Restaurant
  • Accommodation
  • Weddings
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Functions
    The Tusk Hall is situated right next to the lion camp
  • Braai Area
  • Pool Area
  • Bar Area



To spend so much time so close to the lions was amazing. The personal touch from Johan, Hester and their team were brilliant and it was the most amazing breakaway from home experience that we have ever had.”

~ Brian du Plessis